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Distribution grids for electrical energy are facing numerous new requirements and challenges caused by increased amount of installations of distributed generation (DG) as well as new loads (electric vehicles, heat pumps) at low and medium voltage levels. Besides the general fact that these devices increase (and DGs even reverse) the power flows significantly causing the need for grid extensions in the distribution grid, another aspect is that fluctuating energy sources make the power flows highly volatile.

New technologies become available which provide new opportunities to face these challenges. All these aspects can be summarized under the label “Smart Grids”. Related to Smart Grids there are so called “Smart Market” activities, which create values by managing loads and DG to provide market products of ancillary services.

This project will do research to analyze how new guidelines should look like and how to find the optimum between grid development and Smart Market activities. In general, with these new aspects the strategy for network enhancement gets more complex, since much more options are available. 

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