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If you are a student interested in doing a semester- or master thesis in one of our research areas please do not hesitate to contact us! 



You may find some suggestions for topics below, but this list is not necessarily exhaustive. The thesis type given can often be changed, so if you are looking for a master thesis and find a semester thesis topic interesting, do talk to us. Alternatively, if you have a specific interest or have any ideas of your own that are not listed, we are open for discussion.

Note: Group work is not offered individually on our website - but can well be arranged on request.

List of open Theses at the
Power Systems Laboratory HS 2017

Detailed PDF (PDF, 505 KB)

Project Title Supervisor Type
Geometric Power System Optimization (PDF, 42 KB) Adrian Hauswirth SA, MA
Multi-Carrier Energy Systems (PDF, 45 KB) Conor O'Malley SA, MA
Least Absolute Value State Estimation (PDF, 63 KB) Dmitry Shchetinin Ma
Future TSO-DSO Roles and Interactions (PDF, 102 KB) Dr. Evangelos Kardakos, Xuejiao HAN MA
Statistical Parameterization in MDPC-Based Privacy Protection (PDF, 44 KB) Jun Xing Chin, Dr. Tomas Tinoco De Rubira MA
Load Forecasting via Advanced Metering Infrastructure (PDF, 37 KB) Jun Xing Chin MA
Semester and Master Thesis Projects at Adaptricity (ETH-SpinOff Company) (PDF, 63 KB) Dr. Andreas Ulbig, Dr. Stephan Koch SA, MA
Providing Virtual Inertia as an Ancillary Service on the Transmission Grid Level (PDF, 42 KB) Uros Markovic SA, MA
Data-driven Asset Management in Distribution Grids (PDF, 122 KB) Thierry Zufferey, Dr. Andreas Ulbig SA, MA
Impact of Time Delays on Stability of Inertia-less Power Systems (PDF, 44 KB) Uros Markovic SA, MA
Analysing the Effects of Privacy Protection on Demand Forecasting (PDF, 40 KB) Jun Xing Chin, Thierry Zufferey SA
Comparing the Performance of Smart Meter Privacy Protection Schemes (PDF, 37 KB) Jun Xing Chin SA
Classification of Disturbances on Power Lines (PDF, 67 KB) Nadezhda Davydova SA
Investigation of Forecasting Techniques in Distribution Grids (PDF, 41 KB) Thierry Zufferey, Conor O Malley SA, MA
Small-signal Analysis of Power Systems with Low Rotational Inertia (PDF, 42 KB) Uros Markovic, Florian Thams SA, MA
Comparison of a Synchronous Machine and a Matching DC/AC Converter Model (PDF, 45 KB) Uros Markovic SA

Smart meter information for model validations and parameter estimation of LV systems (PDF, 242 KB)

Dr. Gustavo Valverde, Thierry Zufferey

Modeling and dynamic simulations of unbalanced MV and LV Networks (PDF, 242 KB)

Dr. Gustavo Valverde, Dr. Petros Aristidou SA, MA

Estimation of Flexibility and capability of distribution systems for providing ancillary services to transmission network (PDF, 239 KB)

Dr. Gustavo Valverde SA, MA
Optimal bidding strategy of a decentralized storage device in both energy and reserve markets * Dr. Evangelos Kardakos, Xuejiao HAN *MA taken by Ludovico Nati
Optimal dispatch and offering strategy in a stochastic multi-market environment* Dr. Evangelos Kardakos, Xuejiao HAN
*MA taken by Filippo Ferrando
Qualitative and Quantitative Assessment of Power System Flexibility* Dr. Evangelos Kardakos, Xuejiao HAN *SA taken by Anya Heider
Performance Analysis and Validation of Optimal Power Flow Solvers of New Open-Source Software Stack* Dr. Tomas Tinoco de Rubira, Dmitry Shchetinin *SA taken by Martin Baltzinger
Impact of Individual System Components on Overall Reliability* Stavros Karagiannopoulos *SA taken by Iraklis Katsolas
Optimal planning and operation of active distribution grids* Stavros Karagiannopoulos *SA taken by Stefanie Aebi
Design and operation of microgrids: Ancillary service provision in islanded and grid-connected mode* Stavros Karagiannopoulos, Dr. Marina Gonzalez *MA taken by Jannick Gallmann
Modeling and Optimization-Based Control of a Dynamic Demand Response System for Active Distribution Networks* Uros Markovic, Dr. Stephan Koch
*MA taken by Arsam Aryandoust
Modeling and transient analysis of small-scale power systems with no inertia* Uros Markovic *SA taken by David Kamayan
Comparing the performance of VSC power control techniques* Uros Markovic *MA taken by Federica Bellizio
Influences of control power market participation on optimal energy hub design* Conor O'Malley, Andrew Bollinger *MA taken by Raphaela Tsaousi
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