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Battery Degradation Maps for Power System Optimization and as a Benchmark Reference.
Philipp Fortenbacher, and Göran Andersson
​arXiv, (2017) Ithaca, NY: ​Cornell University.
Optimal Placement and Sizing of Distributed Battery Storage in Low Voltage Grids using Receding Horizon Control Strategies.
Philipp Fortenbacher, Andreas Ulbig, and Göran Andersson
arXiv, (2016) Ithaca, NY: Cornell University.
Integration of PEVs into power markets. A bidding strategy for a fleet aggregator.
Marina González Vayá, Luis Baringo, and Göran Andersson
In Plug in electric vehicles in smart grids : energy management, edited by Sumedha Rajakaruna, Farhad Shahnia and Arindam Ghosh, 233-260. (2015) Singapore: Springer Singapore.
"Annual Report 2014" Power Systems and High Voltage Laboratories.
Power Systems Laboratory
(2015) Zürich: ETH-Zürich.
"Methods for optimization of power transits": Toolbox for Common Forecasting, Risk assessment, and Operational Optimization in Grid Security Cooperations of Transmission System Operators (TSOs).
Line Roald, Klaus Köck, Martijn De Jong, Thilo Krause, Göran Andersson, Herwig Renner, Domenico Lahaye, and Georgios Papaefthymiou
(2015) Zürich: ETH-Zürich.
Robust reserve provision by commercial buildings considering energy-constrained frequency signals.
Evangelos Vrettos, Frauke Oldewurtel, and Göran Andersson
(2014) Zürich: EEH - Power Systems Laboratory, Swiss Federal Institute (ETH) Zurich.
Managing Flexibility in Multi-Area Power Systems.
Matthias Bucher, Spyros Chatzivasileiadis, and Göran Andersson
​arXiv, (2014) ​Ithaca, NY: ​Cornell University.
Modeling and economic evaluation of power2gas technology using energy hub concept.
Matthias Bucher, Tobias Haring, Franziska Bosshard, and Göran Andersson
(2014) Zürich: Power Systems Laboratory, ETH Zürich.
Robust corrective control measures in power systems with dynamic line rating.
Matthias A. Bucher, and Göran Andersson
(2014) Zürich: Power Systems Laboratory, ETH Zürich.
Global Power Grids for Harnessing World Renewable Energy.
Spyros Chatzivasileiadis, Damien Ernst, and Göran Andersson
In Renewable energy integration, edited by Lawrence E. Jones, 175-187. (2014) Amsterdam: Elsevier.
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