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Robust Allocation of Reserves Considering Different Reserve Types and the Flexibility from HVDC.
Matthias A. Bucher, Miguel A. Ortega-Vazquez, Daniel S. Kirschen, and Göran Andersson
IET Generation, Transmission & Distribution, (2017) Stevenage: IET.
Corrective Control to Handle Forecast Uncertainty: A Chance Constrained Optimal Power Flow.
Line Roald, Sidhant Misra, Thilo Krause, and Goran Andersson
IEEE, (2017) New York, NY: IEEE.
Energy Storage Sizing Taking into Account Forecast Uncertainties and Receding Horizon Operation.
Kyri Baker, Gabriela Hug, and Xin Li
IEEE Transactions on Sustainable Energy, (2017) Piscataway, NJ: IEEE.
Hybrid approach for planning and operating active distribution grids.
Stavros Karagiannopoulos, and Petros Aristidou
IET Generation, Transmission & Distribution, (2017) Stevenage: IET.
Cost-effective Scheduling of Steel Plants with Flexible EAFs.
Xiao Zhang, Gabriela Hug, and Iiro Harjunkoski
IEEE Transactions on Smart Grid, (2017) Piscataway, NJ: IEEE.
Coordinated Scheduling for Interdependent Electric Power and Natural Gas Infrastructures.
Anatoly Zlotnik, Line Roald, Scott Backhaus, Michael Chertkov, and Goran Andersson
IEEE Transactions on Power Systems, (2017) New York, NY: IEEE.
Decomposed algorithm for risk-constrained AC OPF with corrective control by series FACTS devices.
Dmitry Shchetinin, and Gabriela Hug
Electric Power Systems Research, (2016) Amsterdam: Elsevier.
A Multi-Time Scale Co-Optimization Method for Sizing of Energy Storage and Fast-Ramping Generation.
Amin Kargarian, Gabriela Hug, and Javad Mohammadi
IEEE transactions on sustainable energy, (2016) Piscataway, NJ: IEEE.
Co-simulation of Electromagnetic Transients and Phasor Models: a Relaxation Approach.
Frederic Plumier, Petros Aristidou, Christophe Geuzaine, and Thierry Van Cutsem
IEEE Transactions on Power Delivery, (2016) New York, NY: IEEE.
Integration of Optimal Storage Operation into Marginal Cost Curve Representation.
Gabriela Hug
Energy Systems, (2016) Berlin: Springer.
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